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Témoignages et Recommendations

Retour d'Ardèche, France

Merci pour ce beau travail, c'est très agréable à visionner. Félicitations pour le beau montage !

Léa Ostermann, responsable de la communication, Terre & Humanisme

Retour de l'Hérault, France

Merci beaucoup pour ce merveilleux travail.

Hélène Calmet (Organisatrice de l'évènement Ganges1900 en 2015)

Retour d'Inde :

Your videos are full of life and depict the spiritual culture of India very nicely. You're able to portray various events, holy places and much more. I am seeking your permission if we can download the videos from your youtube channel

Jagannath Das, ISKCON Desire Tree, India

Retour du Canada

Commande d'une médiathèque publique en British Columbia :

Our library already has this title on VHS, and we would like to get the DVD instead. Please find attached purchase order # 10641567 from Douglas College Library in New Westminster, BC, Canada for 1 copy of the DVD “Timeless village." Thank you.

Catherine Doll, Douglas College Library, Acquisitions

700 Royal Ave., Rm 2110W, New Westminster, BC, Canada V3M 5Z5

phone: 604-527-5639

Retour de Détroit, USA

Whoa...fantastic!!! Thank you very much for sending and to help broadcast this temple project. I was hoping to see something very positive and this is it. Thanks again.

Alfred Ford (arrière-petit-fils de Henry Ford)

Chairman of the Mayapur temple project in West Bengal

Retour des Hautes Corbières:

J’ai eu recours aux services de François Joly dans le cadre de l'exécution du film "Solstice à Bugarach" et certifie l'excellence de ses services et de sa compétence cinématographique.

Oum-hani Chkounda, artiste lyrique, co-réalisatrice de Solstice A Bugarach

Retour du Lot, France

"Très satisfaite du travail de francois joly. Je recommande son professionnalisme pour toute réalisation cinematographique"

Gisèle Froment, hypnothérapeute, fondatrice de Hypnolot, Figeac

Retour d'une réalisatrice américaine en Inde

Thank you for setting such an inspiring example for us young filmmakers - I am forever in awe of the quality and quantity of films your are constantly producing.

Hilary Tapper, co-director of "Vaishnavi Women" (documentary on Vaishnava women)

Retour de Californie

Le Pas Dans Le Vide is every bit as good as anything that I've seen from the big producers, National Geo, Discovery, etc. You should be able to sell that to tv. The script was phenomenal, and the cinematography was perfect. Moreover, the "feeling" of being there was communicated beautifully. I couldn't have done such a great job. The choices of music, sound effects, brilliant. I enjoyed watching and am glad that I now do not have to go there. I hate the cold.

David Shapiro, ITV director, Los Angeles, USA

Retour de Georgia, USA

Wonderful! Thank you for going to such great lengths to edit the video. During these difficult times we are called to exercise a high degree of vigilance to avoid unnecessary criticism. I'm certain the video will be inspiring for many people.

Alysia J. Radder, communication director, Krishna West, Georgia, USA.

Retour du Royaume Uni

Wow François, i love what you've done here! Excellent! What do you think about an edited version that we can use for our Youtube channel? I'd happily pay you for your time.

Vijay, lead singer of Kirtaniyas, a popular kirtan band

YouTube vues : 663.000 fois

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